Remove Control Center (Fake AV)

Control Center is another rogue security application that has the functionalities of previously famous malware called Privacy Center. Control Center virus strength in both propagation and destructiveness remains to be seen, it can be another one that will contaminate millions of computer around the world, or another infamous one that can be catch by anti-virus and other security programs before it enters the system. Once inside the computer, Control Center virus will disable Task Manager, Control Panel, Registry Editor and other Windows troubleshooting functionalities to avoid removing it.

To be able to avoid being contracted with Control Center Trojan, Internet users must be aware of websites being visited and be sensitive of files being downloaded. Control Center commonly spread on the Internet so browsing must be exercise with caution. Control Center virus can also come from a fake security website or fake multimedia sites that will asked users to download a fake coded needed to view a video online.

What are the Symptoms of Control Center Virus Infection?

Most Recent Update: August 18, 2010
New variants are re-spawning and was re-programmed to avoid detection. It was also promoted now as “Simple one-click solution to protected your PC.”

Control Center Virus Image

Control Center virus will display its own interface as “Best PC health Components.”


It will modify Windows Registry and add the following entries:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Uninstall\Control Center
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Control Center”
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Control Center

The threat will create the following malicious files and folder:

  • %Program Files%\Control Center
  • %Documents and Settings%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Control Center
  • %Documents and Settings%\All Users\Application Data\Control Center

How to Easily Remove Control Center Virus

1. Print this procedure as we need to close all programs running later.
2. Download MBAM here and save it to your Desktop.
3. Close all open applications.
4. Double-Click on the downloaded mbam-setup.exe to start the installation. If unable to execute, infections on computer is preventing it from running, rename the file mbam-setup.exe to anything (like myfile.exe)
5. Run the installation on the default settings. No changes are necessary.
6. Just before completing the installation, make sure that the following are marked check.
Update MBAM
Launch MBAM

7. The tool will run and update itself after installation. Close it after the update.

8. Restart your computer in SafeMode
– After Power-On the computer, just before Windows start, press F8
– From the selections, Select SafeMode

9. Click on the icon and start to Perform Full Scan to begin scanning your computer for Control Center Virus related files.
10. After scanning, a message will appear stating that the scan is completed successfully. Click OK.
11. Click Show Results and detected threats will be displayed.
12. Make sure that all threats are marked check, then click Remove Selected to begin removal of the malicious files.
13. Exit AntiMalware Apps and restart your computer.

14. Control Center virus and Trojan, including all its files are now removed from your computer. To guard your computer from this threat and avoid future infections, you may want real-time protection from AntiMalware Apps.

37 thoughts on “Remove Control Center (Fake AV)

  1. Roger says:

    I got this malware on my 2nd laptop. I tried to start in safe mode but it just runs through a string of messages and then a blue screen with an error message. What can I do to get rid of Control center malware?



  2. Pete says:

    Get a WinPE system cd and run it on your PC,Then you should be able to get into your Windows. And find a folder named CC. Delete it. CC folder should be under the entry x:/documents and settings/Your Account Name/Application Data/CC, remember the Application Data folder is a hidden folder. After the deletion, run full scan in Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware. Delete all the files that infected. Then you successfully get rid of the virus.

  3. Stu Davies says:

    I did the Ultimate disk with Barts PE on, it allowed me to navigate to the application data folder to delete the cc file, the machine then started in safe mode OK (it didn’t previously) and I was able to install malwarebytes, do an update on the MB files, did a scan and poof! the little tthing was gone.

  4. Raikes56 says:

    I had to rename the Malwarebytes installation file and re-boot a couple of times then got Malwarebytes to run but it would not update to the latest version. Ran the scan anyway which cleaned most of the nasty crap off. Re-booted in safe mode then was told that my Windows firewall was disabled and that my McAfee antivirus was turned off. God these bastards are vicious!

    Was able to run the Malwarebytes update and did another scan which found more infected objects. Also was now able to do a successful McAfee update. Now I think that I’m clean.

  5. TheCreator says:

    I’m also infected with this virus. Like Roger, I’m not able to boot to safe mode. However, I found a work around to get explorer started. Some of the fake virus scanners that come up with this virus will link you to a website. When Internet explorer comes up you can go to file->open then go to C:\windows\ and open explorer.exe. This will bring up your task bar, start menu etc. giving you a little bit of control back to your computer.

  6. Martin says:

    Just got this virus. Totally took over my computer(safe/normal mode) so couldn’t run anything. Booted Ubuntu (from CD, not installed) found cc***.exe on c drive using ubuntu browser and deleted it. Then I rebooted into safe mode, ran RESTORE and everything appears OK. I thought I was going to have to reinstall XP!!!

  7. Liam Gibson says:

    I could not believe that I let my guard down but I
    just went through every trick I knew to get it out and slowly by
    checking my firewall and virus and malware settings I was able to get my control panel back and eradicate it,I Am glad
    that I was able to dump it but I guess if I wasn’t computer savvy I would be lost.

  8. Sabs says:

    I had the same problem, I was unable to start up the computer properly, not even in safe mode, and I couldn’t close the program using task manager either. I wasn’t sure how to make a WinPE CD myself so I downloaded a 10 day trial of Active@ Boot Disc – hxxp:// This was very easy to use and allowed me to create a CD I could boot my computer from.
    Instructions on how to use it are found here – hxxp://

    I then accessed my documents and found the folders associated with the virus; mine were in x:/Users/Your Account Name/Application Data/Roaming/Ccenter and also Control in x:/users/your account name/desktop.
    I deleted these files and then restarted the computer. It asked for startup repair to run, did some checks and then allowed me to do a system restore, after which I could properly access my computer. I already had MBAM installed so I was then able to run the program and remove any traces of the virus.

  9. Bob Miller says:

    I cannot get into Internet explorer to download your file to get rid of Control Center Virus,, can I download it from Safe mode with Internet access. Thanks for your help

  10. robert says:

    I also have this virus, when i start my computer the window automatically pops up and I cant close it, even the task manager doesn’t work..
    So I can’t even get in my PC at all..
    What do I have to do?
    Thanks for help

  11. DennisMunich says:

    I had the same problem on vista.
    I could open Task manager Ctrl+ALT+delete.
    opened New Task called firefox.exe
    searched and came to this site ….
    downloaded the anti malware and update it , and i let it run. it took 45 minutes, but I could surf on the Internet. after it completed I closed and reboot my computer. I didn’t press any key while rebooting, and now everything is fine again

  12. trip_sticker says:

    I’m in the process of fighting this virus now on my friends PC. I already had MBAM installed on her machine but the Control Center would not let me get into windows. I was able to stop it using task manager but then all I had was a blank desk top. None of her icons were there. I went back to task manager, clicked on new task and was able to find MBAM and run it from there. MBAM found 43 infected files which I deleted and did the reboot. When it rebooted, Control Center was still there! Now I’m lost. MBAM isn’t cleaning this PC. I’ve updated MBAM to the latest definitions. What do I do now?

  13. Sebi says:

    Open task manager, close the Control Center and open new task named firefox.exe.
    Then download MBAM – don’t close the download-window.
    When loaded install it and run MBAM.
    Delete the files, restart your PC and the Control Center won’t appear anymore.

    Took me more than one hour to check all the files – but it worked.

  14. lew. says:

    I did a scan with MBAM and found (Rogue.ControlCenter)and had absolutely no problems in deleting this pest, using MalwareByte’s anti malware, (full version).

  15. mado says:

    I have this stupid control center virus, I was able to get firefox to run, but the problem I can’t connect to the Internet, any one could help me?

  16. easy says:

    Open task-manager, then make a new task called “explorer”. Your desktop will appear, and you’ll be able to restore your system. I guess those corrupt files should be deleted then.
    maybe you should run a anti-virus program.

  17. AE says:

    OK I think I have the virus. it says control center. I was playing halo trial when it popped up, I immediately quit the game and took out my Internet cord. when nothing popped up like what you guys said. only a little bubble saying something about having visited certain sites. I am able to go to my control panel. when I open remove or add programs I can see the control center, it says that I can remove it, but I’m afraid that it may still be there afterwards. what should I do? should I remove it? or should I restart and then go into safe mode and remove? Please help!

  18. kbanyard says:

    I had this virus but it was simple to remove. When it started up I went to ctrl-alt-delete menu the processes tab and ended ccmain.exe process, then when windows finished booting up I went to ccleaner and used its add/remove programs function then removed it. Finally I used my ccleaner’s registry fix to remove the rest of it. Presto!

  19. kbanyard says:

    Oh yeah I forgot after you end ccmain.exe process you have to go to file, new task (run…) and type explorer.exe!! sorry for the mistake

  20. Jay says:

    Hi, I have this control center virus, and on one of the users on my computer, after I log in, it opens and does not let me do anything else.

    On another user, I’ve tried to download all these malware things, but the updates or something or the other goes wrong!

    help please!

  21. Bryden says:

    SImple way for removing the program.
    If when restarting computer the Control Center screen comes up prior to your desktop go to the settings in the top right and click off the button that prevents windows from working(I can not remember what it is right now) then press the “X” at the top right to exit the program, this will bring you to your desktop.
    Next once your computer is fully loaded press Ctrl + Alt + Del and select task manager then go to process tab. press the description tab to order it alphabetically by description and find the one that starts with “CC” and end task. Now go to the start menu and in the search bar at the bottom type in “control” or “cc” and it should bring up a file and a shortcut for Control Center. Delete these and empty your recycle bin. Then restart your computer to ensure that it is gone. If this does not work for you I suggest biting the bullet and going to a computer repair center it shouldn’t cost you more than $20-40.

  22. Nelson says:

    jeezus, this control center is a smart virus or something. I have been trying for a day now and I cant get to delete this critter. I tried at least 3 anti virus and they cannot detect any viruses. The scans last for over an hour each time and still they cannot detect anything.

    I tried starting in reg mode, safe mode, and still nothing. I used Kaz, treat fire, malware, and nothing!

    Any recommendations?

  23. astanko says:

    I used MalwareBytes’ AntiMalware to get rid of this. It took a couple of full scans to get rid of it. After the first run I got the update and ran it again. This finally removed it.

  24. Hondalady says:

    Thanks to this great site I’ve got rid of the control, center virus on my husbands laptop. I thought task manager only end things, didn’t know you could start things.
    I used ctrl/alt /delete to get to task manager… went to processes and ended cc programs. then FILE then RUN NEW TASK typed in explorer.exe and hey presto I got my desktop back. I then downloaded virgin media free antivirus protection and it found and deleted it.

  25. DB says:

    I’ve got this problem 2,
    It called his self; Control- Manager
    First was another; Control- Center
    Everything I did was; delete uninstall but It comes back.
    Now is Control- Center gone and Control- Manager here.
    I don’t know what to do..

  26. scott says:

    I ended up getting the Vista Guardian virus from TPB (but I didn’t download anything). I looked at a few suggested fixes online, but foolishly decided to follow the manual removal instructions above. Result? My PC could no longer open ANY .exe files, and I had to completely wipe the drives and start from scratch. So I highly recommend getting Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, because that’s the best program for getting rid of av.exe

  27. bob says:

    Hi everybody. I got this virus a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t do anything like I couldn’t start my computer up correctly and even safe mode didn’t work. BUT I found a way to fix all of this. What you want to do is open task manager (ctrl + alt + delete). after that go to applications and press new task at the bottom. Then you should see a thing called cmd. go on that and type %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe
    that is the command to open system restore, pick on a date you didn’t get the virus. for example I put 2 months back. after press ok and your computer should go to that day when none of this happened. I hope I helped you.

  28. Kaitlyn says:

    I somehow ended up with this virus on my older laptop. I honestly don’t know how, because when it asked to download I knew exactly what it was and said no. Still downloaded secretly I guess. I am not a happy Kaitlyn. Going through the scan right now, everything is working so far. Problem is I have to leave it scanning while I sleep which makes me nervous. McAfee is doing a good job blocking it from doing much harm to the computer and this Malwarebytes software is picking up on my infected files (McAfee scan wasn’t working). Thanks <3

  29. Catherine says:

    Sadly, my laptop has also caught this virus. It doesn’t let me do anything. No task manager, no desktop, nothing.

    Does anybody have a way of removing this?

  30. krates says:

    I helped a college of mine with this little problem , 2 minutes and it was fixed

    XP started , a dialog box on the screen of control center and now I did ctrl-ALT-DEL removed al services with CC and other strange looking services , then open regedit and removed the regedit entry’s (in top of this page) and done

    oh , now I good anti-virus program installed on the PC and removing the bad files.

  31. justin says:

    computer boots up and lets me log in but as soon as i log in it goes straight to control center and it will not let me do anything else. it will not let me go into safe mode nothing will work so i dont know how to get this off of my laptop?

  32. justin says:

    what do i need to do when this occurs i have even tried to go into task manager but doesnt work ive tried every tip on here but nothing works at all!

  33. christy says:

    I’m not sure if this is relevant to this control centre virus, but a similar thing popped up on my screen. I was searching at food recipes on the net and it randomly went to this screen of my computer and something started scanning and it said i had 16 Trojans on my computer. The website of it was PC protect system and av centre was the page. I looked all this up on the net and its weird there comes up with nothing but this control centre, and i have noticed my computer has been getting a bit slow. does anyone know whats going on?

  34. sharon says:

    i turned my pc on after about a year and the control center page popped up, and i tried to press fix problem and it tries going to the internet but it wont connect, im connected to the internet too. so i was just wondering what i should do? it wont let me close it either.

  35. igothijackedtoo says:

    My partner’s computer got infected with a variant of this tonight, I lost control of task manager and regedit. I downloaded hijackthis on a flash drive, renamed it as suggested by a few sites and got it to run in safe mode, hijack this found protector-gfad.exe running so I killed that, deleted the file and rebooted back into windows (7). Registry shortcuts to regedit, task manager etc were all fubar, I did a system restore back to earlier in the afternoon and it appears the pc is now fine. I could not get malwarebytes to run :/ but hijackthis came through for us.

    I hope this helps people out there with this problem.

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