Remove International Police Association (I.P.A.) Trojan

Threat Summary

Threat Name:International Police Association (I.P.A)
Brief Description:This type of malware locks the computer or desktop making it unusable.


International Police Association (I.P.A.) is another ransom Trojan that request Ukash payment. This Trojan is part of the ‘Lockscreen’ clan that mainly targets computer users based in Europe. However, this does not necessary mean that computer users from other part of the world may not be affected by this malware.

There has been some finding lately that International Police Association (I.P.A.) Trojan occurs in the Canada, United States and other regions. Due to the flexibility of this threat, authors can modify it easily to hit any targets globally. Trait of this malware behaves differently for various regions. It displays special desktop message based on victim’s country of origin. The malware traces your IP address.

If fake International Police Association (I.P.A.) malware reaches your computer, it entirely blocks your access and shows a fake warning. The malware claims so many illicit acts found inside the computer, which causes IPA to lock it. Your main key to regain an access is to pay a fine of 50 or 100 Euro through Ukash payment scheme.

This operation is fraud. Therefore, you should not release any payment for your own safety. There are other ways to remove International Police Association (I.P.A.) Trojan without buying the code. One solution would be to scan the computer using specially crafter tool to eliminate this malware. See the complete guide on this page.

What are the Symptoms of International Police Association (I.P.A.) Trojan Infection?

International Police Association (I.P.A.) Trojan prevents you from entering Windows and blocks execution of the entire programs. The malware replaces the desktop with a ransom messages as show in the image below.

International Police Association Trojan

Procedures to Remove International Police Association (I.P.A)

Removal steps on this page will help you get rid of the threat effectively using tools and virus scanners. Please make sure that you will carry out the guide in exact order.

Create a USB Bootable Device

Ransom Trojans and viruses will lock the screen and makes the computer unusable. Common ways to deal with this type of infection is to boot the PC using another device. For this tutorial we will do a bootable disk that contains International Police Association (I.P.A) remover.

1. Download Kaspersky Rescue Disk from their official server. Click the button below. The file will be in .ISO format.

2. Download this utility called rescue2usb to record your .ISO file into the USB drive. Obviously you need a USB thumb drive at least 512MB in capacity. Plug it to the computer.

3. Once you have the two programs, double-click on the rescue2usb.exe to start creating a bootable USB drive.
4. You will see on the screen in the program called Kasperksy USB Rescue Disk Maker. Click on Browse and locate the .ISO file.
5. Under USB Medium, select the proper drive of your USB device.
6. Click on START. It will now begin to create a bootable USB drive with Kaspersky Rescue Disk in it.

Start the Computer with Kaspersky Rescue Disk.

1. You must set the computer to use other bootable device aside from hard drive. For this procedure, enable your BIOS to boot to USB device. If you are not familiar with this, please refer to your computer's instruction manual.

2. Another option is to access the Boot Menu right after you turn one the PC. It will present a Menu so that you can select a preferred boot drive. Select Removable Devices.

Boot Menu

3. Your computer will now start and load Kaspersky Rescue Disk.
4. If you see a message on the screen, please Press any key to enter the menu. You only have 10 seconds to do this, otherwise it will boot with the hard drive.

5. Next screen will be the interface language. Please select desired language to use.
6. You must run the program in Graphic Mode. This gives you easy access to all commands and menus.
7. End User License Agreement will appear. Please accept to continue using the program. Press 1 to proceed.

Using WindowsUnlocker to Remove International Police Association (I.P.A)

1.Click on the K button at the lower left corner of the screen.

2. Select Terminal on the list. It will open a command prompt.
3. Type windowsunlocker and press Enter on your keyboard.

4. On WindowsUnlocker menu, please type 1 to Unlock Windows. This utility will clean the registry for malicious entries.

5. After the cleanup process, it will display the menu once more.
6. Press 0 on your keyboard to exit WindowsUnlocker.

Run a Virus Scan

1. After removing International Police Association (I.P.A), you need to delete all remaining components.
2. Click on the K to display the menu.

3. Select Kaspersky Rescue Disk. This will open the virus scanning tool.
4. You need to update the program first. Select My Update Center tab and click on Start update. This requires an Internet connection.

5. After updating the program, select Object Scan tab and click on Start Object Scan. You must scan the following:

  • Disk boot sectors
  • Hidden startup objects
  • All drives

6. Scanning the entire hard drive may take some time. Please let the scan to finish.
7. Once the scan process is complete, the tool will prompt you for preferred actions on detected threats. Deleting all threats is recommended.
8. You can now turn off the computer, unplug the USB drive, and start Windows in normal mode.

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