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Get rid of Fast Email Checker Adware

Fast Email Checker may not be as harmful as virus; nevertheless, this is not as useful as it sounds. This adware program was merely created as part of advertising strategy, which may only give its user too much browsing difficulty and even decrease the computer stability.

Should you trust Anvisoft Products?

Anvisoft is supposed to be a computer security company. It carries products such as Anvi Smart Defender, Cloud System Booster, and Anvi AD Blocker. I just wonder how the company provides protection while they are oblivious to recent security issues.

Desktop Defender 2010

Desktop Defender 2010 is a fake security application that will configure to start itself automatically after a successful stealth installation on victims computer. Desktop Defender 2010 presence may produce confusion on victims real computer security status, the legit antivirus programs says computer is clean but Desktop Defender 2010 will detect numerous threats. Trust your instinct…