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Browser pop-up is commonly cause by adware and has this main intention of delivering advertisements. On some instances, pop-ups may also contain deceiving messages as scare tactics.

Remove Duperpro.club pop-up

Fake security warning from Duperpro.club stating that your computer is infected with virus and spyware is simply part of adware scheme. Its mere goal is to convince users to call to their paid technical support service.

Remove Makesearches.xyz pop-up


Alarming security alert from Makesearches.xyz is definitely due to adware that infecting your computer. It even threatens victims that virus do exist on the system, in order to convince them to call to their fake Technical Support Service.

How to Remove Finderweb.xyz pop-up


Pop-up from Finderweb.xyz stating that your computer is infected with virus is just part of adware scheme. Its real motive is to collect money from computer users who believed that their system is in trouble, and they really need technical support service.