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8 thoughts on “Trojan:Win64/Sirefef.Y

  1. paraid2

    Nice procedure. It take out the Trojan from my laptop. In addition to this guide, I also run a scn of yorkyt from Panda Labs. It is a tool dedicated in removing Sirefef Trojans. It found no infected files, but it forces to overwrite some drivers.

  2. Unknown

    Thanks very much. I tried everything to remove this problem before installing these specific programs. With help of this guide my computer is good as new.

  3. Sweetie

    i can’t to delete the virus from my computer but, this article was useful, due to i could access to my data and doing a copy, thanks for your help.

  4. THANKYOU!!!

    Thanks a lot! COuldn’t get past the constant restarting until I goolgled the trojan using my phone and stumbled upon your AWESOME removal guide. Everything seems good now. Thanks again

  5. ML

    My PC restarts too soon to allow any of these to run or install. Can I run in dos mode?? Please help!

  6. dansben

    @ML. Does it restart in safe mode? If so, you last chance would be to scan the computer with Kaspersky Rescure Disk. This tool will boot your copmputer via USB drive.

  7. wizpsycho

    @ML You must disable Microsoft Antimalware Service … clicck run then msconfig then go in services tab and uncheck Mirosoft Antimalware Service it will stop the process who keep restating the computer.. worked for me today …

  8. Popper

    Yes, disable microsoft forefront security and your computer shouldn’t restart so quickly. It seems as if it disables safe-mode (a restart after a long hang into normal mode). So immediately at start-up open MSCONFIG and stop the service. Still trying to clean it up but at least you can browse the web for a solution and download the fixes.

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