Batterydoctor is a Trojan created specifically for Android devices. Android.Batterydoctor shows exaggerated report that the unit is running out of battery and it offers you to download a program that it said can help recharge the battery. The truth is, Android.Batterydoctor is preparing your device to send out sensitive information to an attacker.

Once you execute this Trojan, it will make some changes to your mobile program. Typically, it targets to access some information on the device. Batterydoctor pretends to extend battery life of the device. However, it’s pure intention is to steal sensitive data from your unit.

The Trojan may arrive in a disguise of a useful tool. Similar with other Android Apps, Batterydoctor is made available for public downloads on several web sites and file-sharing networks. It is also promoted through malicious ads perpetuated by the Trojan itself.

We highly suggest immediate removal of Android.Batterydoctor once you see this app on the mobile device. Procedure on this page can help you get rid of the Trojan on some devices.

Type Android Trojan
Title Battery Doctor Version 2.3
Software Package com.androiddoctor.battery
Developer Android Doctor

What are the Symptoms of Android.Batterydoctor Infection?

If Android.Batterydoctor is present, user may notice the presence of Icon as shown in the image below.

Icon and GUI

The program will display false information about battery level of the device. It will advise user to recharge the phone in a diverse manner. It wants you to download a tool from an unknown server.

Trojan Behavior

If you try to install this program, it may request permissions to perform its task.

  • Collect information from an infected device regarding running programs.
  • Locate and connect to a Bluetooth devices.
  • Read and write data to the system and configure settings.
  • Write a data to memory.
  • Activate vibrate function of the device.

When running on the system, Android.Batterydoctor will perform its primary function. It will steal information such as Phonebook, email address, and IMEI number and sends them to a predefined location.

Follow these Procedures to Remove Android.Batterydoctor

Procedure 1: Manual Removal

If you do not have an antivirus program installed, you may try this procedure to remove the threat manually.

1. Open the Android Menu on your device.
2. Locate Settings icon and select Applications.
3. Click Manage button or open Properties pertaining to the Apps.
4. Look for the threat/apps you wanted to remove and click the Uninstall button.
5. Please restart the device.

Procedure 2: Scan with Antivirus Program

To automatically remove Android.Batterydoctor from an infected unit, you will need antivirus software. If anti-virus program is not installed, please choose your preferred security software from the Android Apps and perform these procedures.

1. Click on the Install button of your selected security and antivirus Apps.

Antivirus Software

2. If you are not currently log-on, please login with your account.
3. Allow the program to install or you can also download the file and install it later.
4. Once installed, open the software and agree to its License Agreement and Launch the program.
5. Run a full scan on your device and remove all identified threats.
6. Please restart the device after the scan.

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