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JS/Redir.BP is a computer malware that when executed will execute a code to redirect your browser to specified web pages. This threat normally arrive as malicious Java Script file. It comes attached to spam email messages or links from social networking sites. On most instances, user executes the script unintended upon visiting web sites that […]

Securebit Technologies – Free Antivirus

Securebit Technologies – Free Antivirus pretends as security software that has concern over your computer’s safety. In reality, this is a fake anti-virus application that only wants to gain profit through this misleading techniques. You may find that Securebit Technologies – Free Antivirus scans your computer and provide false results. This tactic is commonly used […]


Trojan:DOS/Alureon.E refers to an infected Volume Boot Records (VBR) of the computer. This is caused by certain variants of Alureon Trojan. The threat is so harmful and will target both systems in 32-Bit and 64-Bit. With rootkit involved, Trojan:DOS/Alureon.E controls how the system boots while loading the harmful code. Rootkit also hides the presence of […]

“Your system has been blocked – Microsoft Security Essentials Alert”

“Your system has been blocked – Microsoft Security Essentials Alert” In order for malware authors to deceive victim, it is not a surprise anymore if they will use known computer brands and titles. For the past months, it is ‘Windows’ that we have seen being repeatedly used for a malware name. Now, there is a […]

Keep Center Keeper

Keep Center Keeper is a fake anti-virus software that will keep on showing you fake warnings and alert messages. Each time you logon to Windows, this malware will run a scan on its own without your intervention. This aggressiveness signifies that Keep Center Keeper is indeed a program that you must avoid.

Windows Antivirus Rampart

Windows Antivirus Rampart is rogue software that appears recently endorsing itself as genuine program. You must know that this is no different from many other fake antivirus products. In fact, Windows Antivirus Rampart is a member of a clan to which all members are sharing the same graphical user interface (GUI). This security risk will […]

Windows Guard Tools

Windows Guard Tools will attempt to imitate what good antivirus program does in order to deceive its victims. One can never tell about the programs best intention until you come face to face with this malware. All it wants from you is money. To achieve its goal, Windows Guard Tools will act the same as […]

Windows Pro Safety Release

Windows Pro Safety Release is one fake security tool that tries to earn a profit by turning Windows users into a victim. This rogue software is just a mimic of other variants from its clan. All of them share the same skins, files, and modules. The only difference between each edition is the name. However, […]

Windows Private Shield

Windows Private Shield is a bad software in disguise. It will produce fake findings on security status of the PC and tries to elude victims that there are a number of threats in it. No matter how convincing the tactics may be, please bear in mind that it is still a rogue program. This kind […]

Windows Antivirus 2012

Fake Windows Antivirus 2012 is a malicious program. This malware is known to tell a lot of lies about weak security level on the computer. The fact that you are seeing a presence of this rogue program perhaps proves that its judgment about your poor security measure is correct.