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Remove Attentive Antivirus – Malware Security Suite

Attentive Antivirus – Malware Security Suite is a fake security program that will attempt to create a scene to make you believe that computer is badly infected with malware. In order to remove identified threats, it will force you to buy the Attentive Antivirus registration key.


VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator.XZ is a malware that looks for system flaw in order to get into your PC. On other times, this Trojan misleads you to download software update, or deceive you to visit certain link. By any chance, once you make yourself believe to this nasty trick by VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator.XZ, chances are you will have added malware […]

“Antivirus System” Malware

“Antivirus System” malware is a brand of fake antivirus program that spreads rapidly and infecting millions of computer worldwide. It presents itself as a tool to delete viruses and other types of computer infection. However, its real actions are far away on how “Antivirus System” is being promoted.

“System Protection” Malware

“System Protection” malware is currently on the loose. It has penetrated into some computers by exploiting software flaw and security loop holes. There are also reports that this fake anti-virus program is using compromised web sites to spread a deadly code. Visiting the site initiates a drive-by-download script, which help install “System Protection” malware into […]

Win32:ZAccess-PB [Trj]

Win32:ZAccess-PB [Trj] is a Trojan that carries a component of backdoor and rootkit. The Trojan can gather sensitive information from the infected computer. It may also allow a remote attacker to access the computer and manipulate some settings.

Win32:Hupigon-ONX [Trj]

Win32:Hupigon-ONX [Trj] is part of a Backdoor Trojan family. Study shows that this malware can also come with other variants like Trojan Dropper and Rootkit. Win32:Hupigon-ONX [Trj] is the main component that can open some ports on the computer allowing remote unauthorized access.

Win7 Defender

Win7 Defender virus is one of the fake security programs that put computer users into trouble. This rogue tool is part of a family that can identify the operating system. It is installed based on the gathered data to match the system. In this case, Win7 Defender infects Windows 7 computer.


JS:Trojan.Script.AAR is a harmful code that is in a form of a JavaScript file. This kind of file usually resides on web server and initiates once it senses a visitor. JS:Trojan.Script.AAR can be an individual file or an obfuscated script embedded into site pages. It typically affects files such as .html, .asp, and .php.

JS:ScriptSH-inf [Trj]

JS:ScriptSH-inf [Trj] is a heuristic detection for a Trojan that appends its code to all JavaScript file of the infected computer. This detection covers all variants coming from the same group that shares the same goal. However, each variant may possess unique payload not found on the other versions.


Rootkit.Boot.Pihar.C is a deadly Trojan that has rootkit capability. Being able to conceal its presence on the computer, several antivirus programs may not detect its presence. Moreover, the threat may severely damage Windows files by embedding malicious code into their header. Rootkit.Boot.Pihar.C is not an ordinary malware, it targets the boor sector of infected computer. […]