Virus Total 2010

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Virus Total 2010 is nothing but a fake anti-virus program that will make its presence felt by displaying false security warnings on the computer. It malicious intent is to drive user into getting the registered version of the fake software. It attempts to swindle them with a sum of money to pay for a program that has no functions particularly on computer security aspects. Virus Total 2010 may look like a valid security product but it has foul purpose. It intention is clear – to steal money from computer users through misleading techniques.

Virus Total 2010 was created by rogue developers and utilized a Trojan to distribute it without complicated means. Trojans are expected to infiltrate a computer without being detected by antivirus application because of its ability to take look for software weaknesses and take advantage of it. Once Virus Total 2010 is inside the system, excessive pop-up alerts endorsing this program as the only removal tool to get rid of detected threats. Actually, these threats are non-existent and fabrication of the virus scan result aims to persuade users to have the full version of Virus Total 2010. Beware not to be another victim of this potentially unwanted program.

Type Rogue
Sub-Type FakeAV
OS Affected Windows

What are the Symptoms of Virus Total 2010 Infection?

If your computer is infected with Virus Total 2010, your Internet browser will be redirected to a web site similar to the image below.

Virus Total 2010


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