List of 'Rogue'

Windows Premium Shield

Windows Premium Shield is one more rogue antivirus program from FakeVime family of rogues where Windows Expert Console and Windows Warding Module also belong. There is just one thing that’s why Windows Premium Shield has been created; it is to gain money from its promoted software. The licensed version of Windows Premium Shield is being…Read more »

Dream Scan Soft

Dream Scan Soft is rogue security software that has been created only to deceive the computer users and make them feel horrible by showing fake scan results. It stated that your system is going through with numerous viruses. Moreover, to get vanish all virus and malware detected; you have to purchase the full version of…Read more »

Windows Efficiency Console

Windows Efficiency Console is fake security software that only pretends as a genuine one to scare the computer users. This rogue antivirus program report more than a few viruses, and other infections that are actually not exist. In removing all these viruses detected, you have to purchase the licensed version of the product. Keep in…Read more »

Smart Guard Protection

Smart Guard Protection is a fake antivirus program, which belong from the rogue family of WinWebSec. Smart Guard Protection has its own ways of getting inside the computer without users’ consent. Smart Guard Protection hides itself despite if you have active antivirus software. It uses tricky approach to ease the installation and make it possible.…Read more »

Windows Activity Booster

Windows Activity Booster is one more rogue antivirus program from FakeVimes family. Windows Activity Booster is only concentrated on how to gain more money. To fulfill its goal, the program used a deceptive technique to attack the system without even knowing of the computer users. Once it already infiltrate, it will show you fake warning…Read more »

Remove AntiVirus Plus 2014 (Virus Removal)

AntiVirus Plus 2014 is a misleading security program. It will project a number of fake virus detection on your computer in order to make you believe that it is at risks. Then, it advises instant removal using the paid version of AntiVirus Plus 2014, which you can have by buying through their own web site.…Read more »

Windows Warding Module

Windows Warding Module is a fake antivirus program which created by cyber criminals to scare computer users that the system is deeply infected. It shows nonexistent scan results; in fact, these results are exactly the same findings on almost all windows system that this rogue program has infected. The mere reason why Windows Warding Module…Read more »

‘Windows Active HotSpot’ Virus

Windows Active HotSpot is a rogue security program that always shows pop-up alerts. It attempts to persuade victims to buy the registered version to remove threats that are identified in the alert. Authors behind Windows Active HotSpot virus tries to gain profit from this illegal act. In fact, if you proceed and pay this malware…Read more »

Windows Expert Console

Windows Expert Console is a fake antivirus program in which family of rogue security program known as FakeVimes also derived. This fake antivirus program acts as if it can fix all security related program that the system is currently suffering from. The scan results presented to you stating that the system has various infections that…Read more »

Sinergia Cleaner

Sinergia Cleaner is a fake anti-virus program that pretends to be a genuine one so as many computer users may use it. It gives you a false scan result stating that your computer has numbers of infections detected. In order to remove such unreal viruses, you are force to buy the full version of Sinergia…Read more »