Defence Lab

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Defence Lab, also known as DefenceLab virus is a fake security tool that commonly obtained by downloading an executable file from unknown source. Fake multimedia codec hosted on malicious websites can also drop a copy of this malware onto computer without user’s knowledge. Since Defence Lab will project itself as an antivirus program, it can easily deceive people to install it on their PC without knowing that it can cause harm by doing so. Aside from pop-up alerts and browser redirect, this rogue program is involved in identity theft, which can steal your private data.

Fake virus detection is Defence Lab’s primary means to get user’s attention. It runs a scan on every Windows start-up and mimic what real antivirus does. However, results given by this malware are false and never exist on the system. At this point, this rogue program will prompt to purchase the licensed copy of it so that detected threats can be remove from the computer. Having said, DefenceLab is a fake program that must be avoided. Remove this malware immediately if an instance is observed on your computer.

Type Rogue
Sub-Type FakeAV
OS Affected Windows

What are the Symptoms of Defence Lab Infection?

Defence Lab Image

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