How to Enable Phishing and Malware Protection – Google Chrome

Google Chrome is bundled with features to protect your computer from threats while browsing the Internet. This feature is called Phishing and Malware Protection. It employs a technology that defends the system against phishing and malware damage. Google Chrome also adds extra layer of protection by blocking programs against web page that tries to download and execute harmful files on your computer. Moreover, it guards the computer from illegal software that may monitor your web browsing habit, or steal sensitive data from your system.

Reported Attack Page

So far, Chrome is one browser that is will issue advance warning if the web site you are trying to open is compromised or being used as an attack page. Thus, once you see the Google Chrome web page warning, better leave the web site to avoid virus infection.

To activate Phishing and Malware Protection and enable Safe Browsing feature, please follow this procedure.

1. Open Google Chrome Internet browser.

2. Look for the 3-bars icon (Customize and control Google Chrome) on upper right corner of the browser and click on it.


3. It will display various options, features, and settings that you may access to adjust the browser. Click on Settings from the drop-down list.

4. It will open Google Chrome Settings page. This page contains all preferences and configuration for the browser. Left panel displays area or category, while you can see individual items on right panel.

5. On left panel, click on Settings. It will display list of contents on the left panel.

6. Proceed to the area with label Privacy. Sometimes this area is hidden, just click on Show advanced settings… to expand. Items presently active are marked with check. Put a check mark on “Enable phishing and malware protection” to enable this feature.


7. Once you made the changes, close the current tab and you may now restart Google Chrome.

To disable Phishing and Malware Protection, go through the same process and remove the check mark on this specific item.

2 thoughts on “How to Enable Phishing and Malware Protection – Google Chrome

  1. Chloe Stanton says:

    I’ve had a problem with the virus Strong Signal for a long time now, and Adblock Pro isn’t doing anything to help the matter. I’ve attempted to find the “Enable Phishing and Malware Protection” tab, but to no avail. If I cannot find an easy way of fixing this problem, I would have to restart my entire laptop, losing precious information of passwords. Is there anything that I can do to get rid of this pesky virus without resetting?

  2. Jennifer Shadwick says:

    I do not have the option to select/deselect “Enable phishing and Malware Protection” in the Google settings on my computer. Why would that be?

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