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Safe Internet Scanner is a fake online virus scanner uploaded and operated by rogue program developer as a means of promoting their products. Once web users are redirected to “Safe Internet Scanner” web page, it will simulate a virus scan and will display false detection to scare computer users. The main goal of this web site is to mislead visitors into downloading what supposed to be an antivirus program. However, the site only provide rogue program that has sole intention of misleading you further.

Safe Internet Scanner will prompt user to download a program it endorses as a tool to remove said threats. Visitors must be aware that downloading and installing programs process thru this method must be prohibited. Downloaded programs are malware and will not do any good on computer.

If in case visitor downloads and install the endorsed program, the malware instantly attaches code to the system. It generates script to run itself when Windows starts. Then, this malware from Safe Internet Scanner will replicate its actions, but this time it will do it locally. Because the installed malware was designed to perform virus scan that later produces false results. It tries to deceive you and force to pay for the licensed version of the product.

So next time you bump into a web site similar to Safe Internet Scanner, better leave the page right away. Closing the Internet connection for a while may help drop whatever script the web site has run on your computer.

Safe Internet Scanner

Type Hijacker
Sub-Type Malware
OS Affected Windows

What are the Symptoms of Safe Internet Scanner Infection?

This Safe Internet Scanner window copies the Graphical User Interface of Windows Explorer to deceive victims that it is running on local machine. In reality, the scanner is a web-based code that will prompt you to download rogue security program. Endorsed fake antivirus may vary between one sites to the other.

3 thoughts on “Safe Internet Scanner

  1. Jhon

    My site to redirect to other site “safe Internet scanner” with a alert “Your personal computer needs to install antivirus software! Total Security can perform fast and free virus and malicious software scan of your computer”
    My site was attacked or my PC has a malware?

  2. glennx

    Hi Glynn,
    As far as I know having been redirected to “Safe Internet Scanner” is a process done the normal way. Which means users is not yet infected. The redirection was done when we clicked on a malicious websites and will be redirected to another malicious websites where the infection will begin to occur. But to be sure, just download malwarebytes or superantispyware and scan your computer.

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