7 articles Virus

Computer virus is a malicious code that can bring havoc once executed on the system. Viruses can affect a computer in so many ways. It can endanger files, hardware, software, or the whole system.

W32.Magic – Magic Malware

W32.Magic is identified as a harmful computer threat that may enter the computer discretely. It utilizes security loop holes or software weaknesses. Most often outdated programs are the main entry being used by W32.Magic or also called as Magic Malware. Upon infection, it embeds a code on system files that runs the virus. Registry entries…

Remove HTML:Script-inf


HTML:Script-inf is a generic detection for a malicious HTML script hosted on some web sites. In most instances detection for HTML:Script-inf indicates that a web site being visited is compromised by script that may download and install other malware on computer. This generic detection aims to block the script from implementing harmful actions on visitor’s…

Remove Win32:Mutama

Win32:Mutama detection

Win32:Mutama is a detection for harmful Visual Basic script file. Windows operating system are the most exposed targets for this virus. When it infiltrates a computer, the virus will cruelly damage some system files and form risky changes to Windows registry. After that, Win32:Mutama will create more hidden files on the infected computer that will…