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MyPC HealthCheck

MyPC HealthCheck is a rogue software which trying to portray as an effective system optimizer. In actuality, it has no real value for computer users and merely serves as a profitable program for its author.

Remove US System Care (Virus Removal)

US System Care is pretend to be an effective tool that helps to fix security issues which may lead to slow down the PC’s performance. It perform fake scan and release fake results claiming that your computer has malware, adware, and other serious threats.

Remove PC Backup 360 (Virus Removal)

PC Backup 360 is a rogue software which can trigger computer instability issues if not be removed immediately. Attackers simply exploit this malware to target their clients and convince them to purchase the full version of the program.

Remove Driver Maximizer (Virus Removal)

Driver Maximizer is a fake tool that trying to make PC users believes that this can optimize the system and may keep the computer in its best performance. However, its users may not be able to use its features entirely, unless they will purchase the full version of the program.

Plumbytes Anti-Malware (Removal Guide)

Plumbytes Anti-Malware is a tool that supposedly helps to detect security issues and protect the computer from viruses. Unfortunately, some people with malicious intent exploit this program and use it merely for monetary purposes.

Remove Dev360 Cleaner (Virus Removal)

Dev360 Cleaner is pretend to be a real and effective system optimizer. Please take note that this tool cannot boost the computer performance, cannot fix issues or can remove viruses either, for its mere goal is to promote the licensed version of the program.

Hotstar Registry Cleaner (Virus Removal)

Hotstar Registry Cleaner is presented as best tool that can safely scan the PC, can clean out, and repair registry issues. In contrast, this software is considered rogue and act absolutely different with the way it was presented.

Remove Spotmau PowerSuite (Virus Removal)

Spotmau PowerSuite is advertised as the most effective computer Utility Suite. This rogue software claimed to be as a complete toolset which can help enhance the PC’s performance and which can solve sorts of computer issues from simple to as critical as virus.

StartupMaximizer (Virus Removal Guide)

StartupMaximizer is indeed a fake system optimizer. This rogue software does scan your computer and show results that are overstated to a certain extent. It claims that more than a few issues including viruses and other computer threats are present on the PC just to offer its promoted products.

Remove PC Accelerate Pro (Virus Removal)

PC Accelerate Pro is categorized as rogue software which is only portraying as effective system optimizer and registry cleaner program. It even state false claims that this can detect and can fix all sorts of possible issues that the computer may have.