List of 'Ransomware'

Cyber Command of Ohio Virus (Uninstall Guide)

Cyber Command of Ohio Virus is a kind of ransomware, which demand you to pay for about $300 as a fine for the fake accusation. The modus is that the entire system would be locked and the victim will see a fake warning on their screen. It states there that in order to unlock the…Read more »

How to Remove “Central Security Service” Malware

Central Security Service ransomware is another disaster to many computer users who becomes a victim of this virus. The protocol of this malware is to lock someone’s PC and leave an alert that your computer has been blocked! You are accused of illegal activities, which can be the use of illicit files, or use of…Read more »

Remove FBI virus – FBI Moneypack Malware (Uninstall Guide)

A fake alert saying, “Your computer has been locked” is a kind of ransomware that only use the name of FBI to scare more computer users and to make them believe that the warning is from real authority. The FBI virus puzzles its victims why this fraud gets inside the computer even without approval from…Read more »

Remove Police Nationale virus (Uninstall Guide)

Police Nationale virus is a harmful infection that categorized as one of the many ransomware which cyber criminals use to scattered all over the world. Seeing the full screen alert that “Your computer is locked” is a sign of this infection. Police Nationale virus can be injected onto the system without users’ knowledge with the…Read more »

USA Cyber Crime Investigations virus (Uninstall Guide)

Trojan Urausy is the cause of having USA Cyber Crime Investigations virus onto the system. Once it successfully injected you may see a fake alert saying, “Your computer has been blocked up for safety reasons”. Cyber criminals to widen the scope of targeted machine use this to scare even more computer users. It is absolutely…Read more »

Gobierno de España Virus (Uninstall Guide)

Gobierno de España Virus or known also as Ministerio del Interior virus, is malicious ransomware that infects windows operating system particularly computer users who lives in Spain. Like many other ransomware , cyber crooks take control of the targeted machine. The access can be regained only after paying the fine for nonexistent breaching of law.…Read more »

Remove CyberLocker Virus

Does CyberLocker alert showing up on your screen demanding payment of $300 to unlock all encoded files on the computer? It only means that your PC is infected with CyberLocker virus or Cyber Locker Ransomware as security experts may call it. You may get scared as your first respond about this message and may get confuse on…Read more »

Caribarena Ransomware (Removal Guide)

Caribarena virus is one more threat from the ransomware clan. The prime target of hostage taker or must say the cyber crook is your Windows operating system. Your PC as a hostage makes you feel even bother due to its freezing status. It may look like far from being usable. The only thing you can…Read more »

CryptoLocker Virus Removal

CryptoLocker is a virus that pop-up a warning on computer screen and ask to pay $100 for Private Key via MoneyPak or Ukash. This private key can be use to decrypt all files that were locked by this malware. This program is often called as ransomware by security experts. It may display deceptive message stating that…Read more »

Remove Cyprus Police Emergency Response Unit Virus (Uninstall Guide)

Cyprus Police Emergency Response Unit Virus is one more type of ransomware that used to attacks computers in Cyprus. The screen locker approach mistakenly believes by many victims that it is coming from the real authority. The effect is that all application and any task you want to perform using your PC are merely impossible.…Read more »