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Serios Organised Crime Agency (Ukash Ransomware)

Serios Organised Crime Agency or also known as SOCA virus is another ransomware that demands Ukash and PaySafeCard payment. It is mainly created to collect fine from targeted victims in England. Therefore, to make sure that computer users will not ignored this scam, they used name of SOCA, Serios Organised Crime Agency, PCeU, Metropolitan British Police, […]

Metropolitan British Police (Ukash Virus)

Metropolitan British Police (Ukash Virus) is like any other ransomware that can block your full system once this virus inject in your computer. It’s just varying on the place selected by hackers to victimized people by collecting money in a form of fine, United Kingdom in this particular scene. It seems like more genuine, they […]

Mandiant U.S.A Cyber Security (MoneyPak and MoneyGram Ransom Virus)

Attacker used Mandiant U.S.A Cyber Security virus to obliged victim to pay a fine for an unwarranted case. Computer user accuse for committing some actions against the law. Threats are quite high and when you do not give the demand, hackers can add up malicious code in your system until such time you pay. Or […]

“You steal music I lock your PC” Malware

Do you feel bothered about the warning displayed on your full screen? Pretend to be from real officers accusing you that your computer is involved in illegal activities. A warning likes “You steal music I lock your PC” will try to lock your computer until such time you paid the ransom. Intruder takes full control […]

Spamhaus Online Agent (MoneyPak Scam)

“You have 48 hours left to enter your payment You have lost control over your computer. Your system and all your files has been blocked and encrypted because you were spreading the Malware (viruses, Trojans, worms).”

Decrypt Protect (MoneyPak Malware)

Decrypt Protect virus is tagged as ransomware, which hostage the victims system and displayed MBL Block Off screen. It stated there that you have lost control over your computer, all files has been locked and encrypted. Decrypt Protect gives you only 48 hours to enter the payment which needs to be done via Green Dot […]

Cheshire Police Virus (Ukash Scam)

Unethical tactics used by cyber criminals to collect victim’s money is thru the Cheshire Police virus. It is a ransomware that also known in many forms such as Abu Dhabi Police GHQ malware, fake United Kingdom Police warning, and PCeU Virus. In order to make it easy to collect money from issued penalties, author made […]


DirtyDecrypt.exe is a ransom program that can held back some of your computer files. Unlike Police and FBI virus that locks the system, this one will encrypt files found inside your hard drive. DirtyDecrypt.exe affects files like photos, music, videos, documents, and so on. Opening these mentioned file will pop-up a message stating that file […]

Joint Chief of Staff (Moneypak) Virus

Attacker used a new official name, “Joint Chief of Staff” to put in the practice a ransom program. It puts an alert on the computer saying “Joint Chiefs of Staff. The work of your computer has been suspended on the grounds of the violation of the law of the United States of America.”