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Smart PC Cleaner is considering some people as a rogue security program. Some mentioned that the tool is a scam program that does nothing but to issue warning and alerts once inside on the PC. However, while scanning the computer that has Smart PC Cleaner installed, not every antivirus or anti-malware program flagged it as harmful. It came out in the clean list for some scans.

Based on some complaints we have gathered from various security forums, most computer users who come across Smart PC Cleaner assert that it is useless software. Additionally, people state that the program has entered the computer without their knowledge. In this case, it may have come bundled with other programs coming from unknown sources.

Similar to other adware that is harmless in nature, Smart PC Cleaner may be installed without your knowledge. In most situations, downloading and installing web enhancement tool may be the culprit. A number of adware can be removed from the system through add/remove function in Windows control panel. If there is no entry for the Smart PC Cleaner, anti-malware software will flagged it as fraud, therefore it can be removed from the computer by running a full scan. Proceed to the section below for complete instructions.

Type Adware
Sub-Type Rogue
OS Affected Windows

What are the Symptoms of Smart PC Cleaner Infection?

If you have Smart PC Cleaner, you will observe pop-up screen, scanner, and alerts coming from the program. See screenshot images attached on this page.

Smart PC Cleaner Scan

Smart PC Cleaner Scan Main

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